Related Content with More Like This

What is More Like This?

More Like This (MLT) is a set of modules we've developed that allows you to display related content from your site (or from around the web) on your node pages, using a set of taxonomy terms you've chosen for that particular node.

More Like This consists of the following modules:

  • MLT - Taxonomy (related nodes on your site)
  • MLT - Flickr
  • MLT - Google Video
  • MLT - Yahoo! BOSS

How does MLT work?

Internal Content Recommendations (MLT Taxonomy)

MLT Taxonomy harnesses Calais to automatically recommend related site content based on the node page that a particular user is viewing.

By default, MLT determines which Calais terms it will use for matching this "node at hand" to other nodes on your site. These are known as MLT terms.

In order for a Calais term to be eligible to become an MLT term, it must exceed the "Global Term Relevancy Threshold for MLT" (see notes below on "How do I set up and configure MLT?" to learn how to adjust this).

If there are other Calais terms that you would like to use as MLT terms for matching against other content nodes, you can add them directly by editing the node's More Like This settings.

For more details on how content recommendations are made using MLT, and the implications that adjusting MLT and Calais relevancy scores has on this process, see this document.

External Content Recommendations (Flickr, Google Video, Yahoo! BOSS)

The MLT terms are essentially used as keywords for searches performed via the APIs provided by these services.

How do I set up and configure MLT?

Using the Admin Toolbar, navigate to Site configuration >> More Like This settings.

General Settings

By default, the MLT terms on a node will be pre-populated with Calais terms that exceed the Global Term Relevancy Threshold for MLT (which is based on the same 0-1 scale as Calais' relevancy thresholds).


  • Enabled Node Types: Select the node types that can display the flickr MLT block.
  • Search Parameters: Specify parameters for the method (number of photos, safe search, etc)

Google Video

  • Enabled Node Types: Select the node types that will have MLT Google Video recommendations displayed for them.
  • Google Video Bar Settings: Specify parameters for the number of results, orientation of display, cycle time, etc


For each node type, you can specify:

  • Enable More Like This Taxonomy: Controls whether or not content recommendations should be made for this content type.
  • Target Content Types: Limits which nodes types are eligible to be included in content recommendations displayed on a node page of this type.
  • Number of Results: Limits number of items that can be recommended for a node of this type.
  • Node Relevancy Threshold for MLT Taxonomy: Set a minimum node relevancy score (see note on top of configuration form that describes how this is calculated) that must be met in order for a match to be created. More guidance on this is available in this linked PDF document.

Yahoo! BOSS

  • Yahoo Boss Global Settings: Of particular importance is the Yahoo BOSS App ID, which can be obtained here.
  • Content Type-Specific Settings: Choose which node types should be enabled for Yahoo BOSS, specify desired number of results returned, and include/exclude certain sites/document types incrementally.

Yahoo! BOSS Images

Similar to Yahoo! BOSS configuration.


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