Enhance Your Content with CKeditor and Apture

Tools like CKeditor and Apture make it easy for editors to make their content created in Drupal more attractive and engaging.

CKeditor (WYSIWYG)

CKeditor is a WYSIWYG editor, but What You See Is (almost) What You Get. It's really a tool for helping you generate HTML, but is no substitute for learning it incrementally.

We recommend that you leave your content nodes unpublished (details on this in the next section on publishing/promoting your content) and save them so that you can get the most exact possible preview of what your content looks like before it "goes live".

Configuring CKeditor

CKeditor is used in conjunction with IMCE for handling file uploads. You can find configuration options for both of these in Administer > Site configuration.

Also, check out the Drupal.org project pages for CKeditor and IMCE.

Using Apture

Apture allows you to enhance your content with related content and multimedia from around the web, in a fairly seamless fashion.

Just above the CKeditor toolbar, you'll see a set of Apture icons.

Before clicking on them, though, you'll want to highlight the text that you want to use to pull in related content such as the name of a company of famous person. We'll use "Bank of America" in this example.

You'll see an Apture popup that contains a search box, which you can use to search for related content of various types.

Pick the most informative/relevant one first (that's your primary item) and the rest of your choices will be presented as supplemental information.

Once you're done, click on the "Create Link" button to return to your node.

Save the node and notice that an icon that now appears next to the link you've created.

If a user hovers over that icon, they will see the Apture content pop out.

Configuring Apture

To configure Apture, navigate to Administer > Site configuration > Apture.

Also, check out the Drupal.org project page for Apture.


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