Editing Existing Content

In Drupal, a single unit of content such as a particular Blog Post or Article is referred to as a node.

Editing Existing Content

In terms of editing content that already exists on the site, you can do this in one of two ways:

1.) Find the node you want to edit, for example the Blog entry titled: Five ways Michael Steele Could come back. Once you are on this node, click on the Edit tab at the top right in the Admin Toolbar:

Once you have clicked through a new page has opened and you can now edit all fields available for this node:

When you are finished making your edits make sure to press the Save button at the bottom:

Once you click save, the live page will render and you will see a green dialogue box below the title indicating the page has been updated:

2.) Find Content tool.

Login to your Admin panel and click the tool icon in the upper left-hand column to open the left-hand navigation:

In the left-hand navigation, click on the Administer folder then the Content Management subfolder:

In the Content Management screen select the “Find Content” tool (in the middle of the list):

In the Find Content tool there are several ways to find existing content. Every option begins with the user selecting the proper radio button to identify the field they want to search by.

Here are examples of a few ways to search for existing content:

i. Select Node Type radio button. In this case we will filter by: “Blog Entry”, then select “Filter” and the search results display all content that are blog entries.

ii. Select Title/Subject radio button. Enter a word in the title of your content (or body of the content). In this example we will enter “Steele” to find the blog entry titled: “Five ways Michael Steele could come back” then select filter.


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