Adding Multimedia Content


OpenPublish provides an audio content type that is flexible and suitable for storing media locally on your site or referencing 3rd party providers. To add an audio node, click on Create Content > Audio in the Admin menu.

  • Embedded: this field relies on the Embedded Media Field module, which provides a simple way to feature external media on your site. Currently, the following providers are supported out of the box for audio: Odeo,Podcast AlleypodOmatic and custom URLs for remote mp3 files.
  • MP3 Audio clip: upload an mp3 file and the SWFtools provided player (ie 1PixelOut) will handle it.


The same functionalities apply to video in terms of support for both local and remote content. To add a video node, click on Create Content > Video in the Admin menu.

  • Embedded video: in a similar fashion to its counterpart on Audio, this field requires you to enter the URL or Embed code provided by a third party content provider. The services supported include YouTube, Dailymotion,, Vimeo,, and more. A full list can be found by hovering over the field.
  • Flash File: this field should be used when you wish to upload and host your own .flv files. Flowplayer will then display your video on the node.


The same functionalities apply to images in terms of support for both local and remote content. To add an image node, click on Create Content > Image in the Admin menu.

  • Embedded image: support is provided out of the box for Picasa, Photobucket, ImageShack, Custom URLs and Flickr, although you will need to set your API for the latter at /admin/content/emfield.
  • Main Image: this is your standard file field where you can upload the image you want to associate to this node.


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