Consuming Incoming Feeds, e.g. Twitter

  • Pick a feed, any feed. Keep in mind that many RSS feeds don't provide full story bodies, so don't expect your node bodies to necessarily be more than a few sentences.
  • From the administration menu of an OpenPublish site, click on Content Management > Create content > Feed
  • Enter a "Title" for the feed. Optionally enter a "Body" but this isn't mandatory.
  • Supply the URL of the RSS feed you've chosen as the "Feed URL"
  • Open the "Processors" field set and select the appropriate "Node type of feed items". Try "Article" as a good first test.
  • Select other options on the Feed configuration as needed. Most settings are pretty self explanatory.
  • Save the Feed edit form.
  • If you chose to have feed items refreshed on creation, and you selected Article as your node type, check your site's Homepage and you should see them there.
  • If you would like to use the feed item's description as the Teaser, there is an additional step you need to follow.
  • Click on your feed's node edit form and select "Map" from the tabs at the top
  • Under the "Edit mapping" fieldset, choose "Map to field_teaser (content) to the feed field "description" and hit "Update"
  • At this point, you'll need to delete and refresh your feed items to pick up the new mapping
  • Upon returning to your Homepage you should see the feed description now appearing as the Teaser of your Articles

Pulling-in a Twitter Feed

This section will be updated and is not applicable to OpenPublish 2.0.
Here are the steps for putting your twitter feed on the site:

Now you should see your feeds on the Homepage. You'll want to give your block a title:


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