Topic Hubs

What are Topic Hubs?

Harnessing the power of Calais tagging, administrators can create Topic Hubs based on one or more of a site’s most commonly used tags.

Topic Hubs are highly configurable and contain a series of pluggable content views/blocks, like “Most Read” content for this topic, “Most Commented” stories, most active contributors, and links to other related topics. To top it off, integration with Calais Geo allows for plotting all of your content for a Topic Hub content on a map.

Here's an example from

Any prerequisites for creating a Topic Hub?

Before you create a Topic Hub, you'll want to make sure that you have quite a bit of content on your site that has been tagged with a particular term (such as "Politics" from the Topic vocabulary).

How do I create a Topic Hub?

From the Admin Toolbar, navigate to Create content >> Topic Hub.

Enter the name of your Topic Hub, and a brief description.

Save your changes in order to proceed to Topic Hub Configuration.

Configure Your Topic Hub

In order to populate your Topic Hub with content, you'll need to create at least one condition that must be satisfied by each content node in order to appear there.

A condition consists of one or more taxonomy terms. To get started, choose the Vocabulary from which you would like to select a term, and then select the term itself as well as the condition to which you would like to add this term.

When you're finished, click Add term to add the term you've selected to the condition you've chosen.

At this point, you can keep adding terms to Condition1 if you'd like, or even create a separate condition.

Once you're done setting up the conditions for nodes to appear in your Topic Hub, you can adjust settings for each of the views/blocks that appear on your Topic Hub.

When you're done, click Save in order to view your Topic Hub.

Can I reorder/add/remove blocks in my Topic Hub?

Topic Hubs are built using panels, so you have control over which blocks are displayed on your Topic Hub and where they are located.

Click on the "Panel content" tab above your Topic Hub in order to modify your layout.

You can move blocks to different regions via drag and drop.

You can also add content to your panel layout.

Finally, you can remove content from your panel layout.


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