Contributing to a Distribution

Become an Evangelist

The easiest way to help out OpenPublic is to spread the word! Tweet, re-tweet, Facebook, present at local meet-ups and mention OpenPublic in private conversations. By letting the world know about OpenPublic, you will help both the distributions, as well as Drupal and the open-source movement in general, since OpenPublic are pure open-source, pure Drupal and an example of what Drupal and open-source can achieve.


Please feel free to comment on OpenPublic documentation pages with suggestions, additions, examples or if you have more information published elsewhere that we can incorporate in this central place. 


If you are interested in contributing your translation services to OpenPublic, please contact us at and we will speak with you further about where you can contribute.

Community Participation

Our OpenPublic issue queue on help centralize issues, ideas, and support and starts good community conversation. Getting involved is a great way to contribute to OpenPublic. You will be able to ask questions, interact with core developers, share your experiences, and help others.

Code Contributions

If you are a developer and are using OpenPublic, please contribute back! Patches, enhancements, modules and features, bug reports - everything is welcome, appreciated and helps improve the product.

Theme Contributions

OpenPublic open a new level of opportunity for designers interested in Drupal. Being more specifically defined distributions, compared to generic vanilla Drupal, it is easier to create unique themes for OpenPublic. We have also created a robust base theme for both distributions to further assist in theme development. Please refer to the OpenPublic Theming Guide for more details.


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